Monday, June 16, 2014

Setting some Bee Traps with these Crazy Bee Swarm Lures I bought on Ebay using empty Brood Boxes

This is the Brood Box Bee Swarm
Trap on top of my Arbor

I bought these Bee Swarm Lures on Ebay during the Spring. I have never tried to lure Bee's before but I am game to try it. I know there are lots of ways to do it and maybe I am completely nuts to buy something online to try it. It smells a lot like Lemon Balm and supposedly have Queen Bee Mandibular Pheromones in it to attract any homeless swarms looking for a new living arrangement.

The Arbor Trap - I mean, come on,
Homeless Bees, this is a Prime Condo Location! Move right in!

There is a lot of discussion about what works best to attract swarms and some people think you need to put the swarm boxes in tree stumps or trees because that is naturally where bees live. I have some extra brood boxes and so I decided to use them. You are apparently supposed to find a high area in a tree preferably shady and facing southwest. I thought and thought about this and had this wacky dream that I put the swarm box on top of an arbor I have in my yard. My husband thought I was nuts but I decided well, why not. There is the theory that if you put swarm catchers on these things called Ley Lines which are energetic lines which dousers look for then it attracts bees and also keeps them free of Varroa Mites. I looked at a map of Ley Lines and although Cape Ann has some Ley Lines coming through Ipswich Bay, most notably the Annisquam River and Halibut Point area appears to have them. Since I am on the other side of the Cape in East Gloucester, I am not very clear about any East Gloucster Ley Lines but I am on top of a big granite rock and that has to count for something!

A Table Top Backyard Trap all set up
and Ready for Bee Inhabitation!!
Actual Empty Bee Swarm Lures

How attractive is this? I am sure any homeless Bee Colonies would be supremely happy in this fantastic cozy but modern Bee Condo Home!

Added Bonus for Homeless Bees! The Backyard Garden
with lots of Herbs, Flowers, and Veggies! Move In Ready!

I will keep my readers updated as to whether the Bee Swarm Lures actually worked for me but nothing ventured, nothing gained! 

Happy Bee Keeping,
Melissa Abbott
Gloucester, MA USA

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