Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Decapping, Spinning and Bottling Abbott Spring Honey 2014 - A Photo Journal by Melissa Abbott

Charlie Decapping the Frames in Bee House
Careful! The Wax goes into the Decapping Tank Below

Putting a Frame in the Spinner after Decapping
After Spinning the Frames, straining the Honey
Bottling the Honey in my Kitchen
Production Line
The Final Product with Label!

This Spring's Honey was so fantastic! Pollen rich and light in color. It has flown out the door and I know that any of you who jumped on the option of getting some were rewarded with a beautiful Honey. I have some more to process and plan on making my infused honeys soon. 
Last years Infused Honey's came out so beautifully and I am looking forward to doing some more this year, especially the Mint Honey. It was so unexpectedly good! The Best of them All!!
Thanks to Charlie for helping me in the Honey House.

Happy Bee Keeping,
Melissa Abbott
Gloucester, MA 2014

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