Friday, July 12, 2013

FOR SALE: Melissa's Lavender Honey $11.95 per jar + postage

Melissa's Lavender Honey $11.95 + postage

BUY: Melissa's Lavender Honey 1 Lb

Dried Lavender Flowers

Mixed Dried lavender Flowers in Honey 
and infused for over Two weeks

I always wanted to try making some Herbal Infused Honey and I recently made some Lavender Honey. My thinking was this would be so good in an evening cup of tea, so relaxing. The lavender scent so soothing and mellow, I was imagining drifting off to sleep so easily after drinking this concoction. Then I saw a wonderful recipe where lavender Honey was used drizzled on a Bruchetta and Goat Cheese Appetizer and that looked so culinary and interesting. I decided to make some Lavender Honey with some dried local organic lavender I had and my Abbott Honey. I mixed up the honey and dried lavender flowers and let sit for 2 weeks. I stirred this mixture every other day and as the days went along I could taste the infusion of Lavender into the Honey. I strained out the flowers and all I can say is that this honey is Sublime!!

I have a very small batch of this honey for sale. Less then 20 lbs. I doubt it will last long because it is so beautiful and rich. Extremely flavorful with the strong Lavender Notes mixed with the Wildflower Honey Taste. 

Melissa's Lavender Honey 1 Lb
 $11.95 + Postage

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