Sunday, November 9, 2014

Have You Been Naughty or Nice? Christmas Honey bottled and labeled! A wonderful Fall pollen rich Cape Ann Wildflower Honey just for my Christmas List!

I was afraid we had waiting to long to process a few last minute Fall Frames we took off the hives recently. Because of the cold we had to move the whole processing operation from the Honey Shed to the kitchen. We de capped, spun the frames, filtered the honey once, and then bottles and labeled it especially for our friends and family this Christmas. 
The First of the
Honey Draining
 into the Filter
after the frames
 have been spun.
De-Capping the Honey Frames
with a Heated
Sharp Knife on the
Kitchen Table
Moved the DE-Capping Tank
and Honey Spinner into
the Kitchen!
Really Amazing
White Wax Capped
Wildflower Honey
from my backyard
Cape Ann Hives!

Let's get Every
 last bit out of
the Spinner
into the Filter!

Charlie Spinning
the Honey in
the Kitchen!
A First!

I actually liked doing the honey processing in the kitchen rather than the honey shed. There was a lot more room to work and decaying was easier because there was more elbow room. We only had a few frames to process but even so it was practically an all day project. 

So the hives are all buttoned up for the winter. I am feeding the bees a little honey water right now and they seem active on warm days but will be hibernating soon as it gets colder. I will have more honey to sell next summer. Until then, Have You Been Naughty or Nice?

Kind Regards, Melissa Abbott

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