Sunday, August 10, 2014

What a Team! Carson afKlintaberg and her Anadama and Nisu Bread and Melissa Abbott with her Backyard Honey, Vegetables, and Cookbooks team up at the Rockport Farmer's Market! Saturdays 9am-1pm - photos by Lisa Glover

Carson afKlintaberg with
Melissa Abbott at Rockport Farmer's Market
photo by Lisa Glover

This is the afKlintaberg's Nisu!! Wow, they plan on baking it once a month for the Farmer's Market
This is our booth at the Rockport MA Farmer's Market!
Nisu and Anadama on the left with Carson
and Honey, Backyard Veggies,
and Legacy of Three Melissas Cookbooks
on the right

These are the Infused Honeys. I dry flowers I have grown in my own garden and then mix them with honey for two weeks and then strain. I make these every summer and they are delicious!
Very Artisan quantities, but still available.
Photo by Lisa Glover
There is 15 minute parking in front of the Rockport Baptist Church for Farmer's Market shoppers. Our booth is right next to that area, so you can get in and out.
Come early for best parking. Starts at 9am to 1pm

Lots of local products at the Rockport Farmer's Market!
A Nice Experience! Maple Syrup, Grass Fed Beef, Smoked Fish, Homegrown Local Vegetables, Nuts, Jams, Flowers, Pestos, Cookies, and Cakes!

We just got a new batch of Abbott Pure Honey
bottled up and its Fantastic Honey!

This is the Abbott Pure Honey
which just became available again

If you are not able to come to the Rockport Farmer's Market, you can order the Honey online at

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